One Last Hurrah!

Several weeks ago, the Donlon's and the McSween's came over for one last hurrah before they move to California and Germany, respectively. Mil & Fil and Geoffrey & Glenna came over too! We spent time together and grilled out. It was awesome to see the kids together since they have known each other since birth!

Connor & Reagan

The gang watching Disney!

How adorable is Declan?!

Declan & Greg

Glad Uncle Geoffrey could join the fun!

Big kids, eating by themselves!

Cormac & Brian 

The whole was hard enough to leave them in NC, now they are going to be way too far away!

The girls:) 

After dinner, the guys (and Reagan) went out to the fire pit while the ladies hung out inside with the little ones. Then we put the big kids in the bath tub - a favorite pastime of Reagan and Sean's! I wish I had videotaped the whole thing...they were a mess! And after bath...cartoon time!

Apparently watching cartoons requires some SERIOUS concentration!


  1. I love all these pictures! I hate that they are moving so far away but I have no doubt you all will stay in touch.


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