New parenting advice tells us that we shouldn't tell our kids to "clean their plates" because it will ruin their body's ability to know when it's full. Horse poop. We serve the girls an appropriate amount, and if they want dessert, they darn well better clean their plates! I grew up with a rule that left you eating leftovers for breakfast, lunch and dinner the following day until that plate was clean. Just ask Julie, she quickly learned to swallow whole bites of food with a swig of milk in order to leave the table:) 

But those who follow the clean plate rule are handsomely rewarded...with ice cream cones on this particular occasion. They were even topped with sprinkles, but those were gone before I could get the girls to "say cheese!"

You can catch a glimpse of Savannah's "geographic tongue" here. It seems to have gotten less noticeable lately, but guess it's still there. Glad it doesn't bother her.

And this is how one should eat an ice cream cone!

Love that she's got both hands gripping the empty cone.

Evidence that there were sprinkles! What a sly look she's giving me!

Even though Reagan is growing up and getting bigger by the day (it seems), her feet still don't come close to reaching the floor when she sits in the kitchen chairs...and it's adorable. 


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