Digging for Dinosaurs!

A couple months before Christmas, Jason ordered Reagan some books from the Scholastic Book Club as a reward for getting a week's worth of big hearts - a sign of good behavior at school. In addition to the books, he got her a "digging for fossils" kit. She LOVED it! 

For Christmas, Santa brought her two more fossil kits! When Jason returned from his European adventure, he and Reagan found time over the course of a couple days, to dig out some bones. Here, they are digging out a T-Rex skeleton. It makes a giant mess, but she (and Jason) have so much fun doing it, we just let her dig away and worry about the mess after the fact. They have gotten all the bones out now, and the skeleton just needs to be assembled. Whoever created these kits is a genius! What a great way to keep kids occupied and engaged! Plus, it's educational!


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