Not-So-Routine Morning

The entire week following the blizzard, Reagan's school was closed and Savannah's had a delayed start. I went back to work on Wednesday thanks to support and help from family members and friends! On this particular day, Reagan was going to a friend's house (she rides the bus with Milee) and would definitely be playing in the snow again. Her boots were still damp, despite being stuffed with newspaper all night. I gave her the simple task of drying her boots with my hairdryer. She managed to concentrate long enough to dry them completely and felt the accomplishment of doing it on her own.

While Reagan worked, Savannah did her favorite thing...watched Mickey Mouse! She adores the Disney Junior channel and would probably watch it 24/7 if we allowed her:) Savannah looked so sweet, that of course I had to take a few pictures!

Reagan's feet propped on a laundry basket as she joined the Mickey fun once her task was complete.

The snow days were a relaxing treat for us. I went to work for my four hours each of those last three days of the week, but we enjoyed not being so rushed in the morning. Those are definitely the most stressful times for me, and I spend most of the mornings nagging/yelling at the girls to get things done before we leave the house. We run to the bus stop more often than not, the kitchen is a disaster area when I leave, and I always feel bad for yelling so much. This particular week as a positive shift from our normal routine.

And look at this happy face! 


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