Let It Snow!

On Friday, January 22nd, the snow began to fall. It didn't stop until Saturday evening around 10. With a head-on approach, Jess and I shoveled the driveway NINE different times throughout the storm!!! As we cleared the first inch or so, Jessica said, "Do you think we should do any of your neighbor's driveways?" For a brief moment, I considered it as many are elderly and live alone...but that thought passed and thank goodness. We never would have been able to keep up! 

At some points, the snow was falling so hard, that when we finished shoveling, you could barely tell. We pulled a 4 am shift on Saturday which was one of the worst. The only one that beat it was the one immediately following. We let too much time pass and too much snow fall. The wind was crazy and in some spots, we were clearing close to 10+ inches at a time. But we made it through with a clear driveway! So grateful to Jessica for being with us!!!

On Sunday, I finally broke out my camera to take some pictures of the girls. We had gone sledding a couple times and they LOVED it. These girls were troopers. I can't believe how long they played, in wet clothes despite having snowsuits and boots, and how big their smiles were. 

This is an iPhone picture from Saturday. We went to the little park and at the end of the street, the plow had pushed up a huge pile. Jess made a small cave for the girls!

Another iPhone picture...LOVE this! 

On Saturday night and Sunday morning, as the snow stopped falling, I realized we would never be able to play in the backyard because the snow was just too deep for the girls to walk. So...I dug trenches for them! It was also good for Tommy, who wasn't sure what to make of the weather!

Savvy wanted to help us shovel:)

This pile remained in place for 4 days. Instead of stressing over the mess, we just tried to contain it to these two towels. Worked perfectly!

Although we missed Jason, we had so much fun together. I don't think we actually ate a real meal for 3 days. We watched movies, napped on the couch, "camped out" downstairs and enjoyed not having a schedule. This was a special time with Reagan and Savannah, and I wouldn't trade it for anything!


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