Palomar Mountain Hike

In early April, we decided to play hooky from church and opted for a trip out to Palomar Mountain. We love hiking with the girls and Tommy! Again, we had a beautiful day. The girls napped on the drive out while Jason and I enjoyed the gorgeous views. Once we arrived, it was lunch time, so we found a picnic table and snacked on some munchies we brought along. 

Savannah found this left behind by previous campers:)

One we were sated, we headed out on the trail. There were many signs that said no dogs allowed, but we couldn't very well leave Tommy in the car, so we pressed on:) Reagan loves any opportunity to use her ninja warrior skills, so she hopped on every log we saw!

We didn't show this sign to Reagan until AFTER we hiked this part of the trail:)

Reagan and Jason read about these birds that peck holes in the trees and store their food inside. Reagan brought along her tweezers from her microscope kit and they certainly came in handy!

We made it to a the turnaround point and spent some time climbing around this old stone structure, enjoying the water, and having a snack.

Once we returned to the starting point, we hopped in the car and made a quick stop at a lookout for more photos. The girls did a great job, falling a few times, but always getting back up! Although we are trying to teach them the importance of attending church on a regular basis, I think we made the right call on this Sunday. What a wonderful way to spend the day! 


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