Visitors from Virginia!

As flew home from VA after our Christmas break, Gary Mike and Terry were landing in San Diego from their festivities in CO! We picked up Tommy from Uncle Dan and Aunt Helen's house and drove south to tear down our Christmas decor before they arrived:) 

As Jason tossed the tree into the dumpster, their Uber pulled up! Talk about perfect timing! We spent some time driving around to the old places that Gray Mike & Terry lives (Reagan with the boys, and Savannah with the girls). It was fun to see how clearly they recalled everything! 

We rang in the new year in our favorite way...watching movies! We even made Jiffy Pop! While the boys cooked, Terry played a fun game with the girls. We were treated to a gourmet meal, and it was nice to see Jason and GM banging around the kitchen again! 

Following dinner, we had a quick dance party before the girls headed off to bed. 

The next morning, we took Gary Mike and Terry down to the harbor to check out the sea lions and drove around Oceanside to show them how much it's improved! Then we drove out to the Rancho Santa Fe Inn where they used to brunch when they lived in California. It was a beautiful, sunny day and we enjoyed some amazing food and delicious cocktails. Of course the girls found some friends to run around with:)

When the food takes longer than you want, Savannah doesn't have any issue...

After we dined, we headed out to the patio to sip more drinks and take in the views. It was the most fabulous day! 

As always, after a HUGE meal, Terry and I like to walk. So we grabbed the girls and Tommy and walked them down to the beach playground by the pier. Terry got even more exercise as she pushed both girls on the swings! 

So great to have them visit! We loved spending time together. Sadly, they left after a short visit, but alas, that's life. Until next time...


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