Play Date Reunion!

The Marine Corps may have spread us across the globe, but Leanne, Maureen, and I will ALWAYS find a way to reunite whenever possible! When these kiddos were little and there were only 3, we had more play dates than I could recount. We've added 5 more, and they have only gotten more entertaining and chaotic! We wouldn't have it any other way:)

Before Leanne and Greg got on the road to head home after Christmas, we all met at the Donlon's house in Quantico. Maureen and Brian put out a great spread, complete with creamsicle mimosas (which are amazing!). The children completely destroyed Sean Patrick and Cormac's room, but boy did they have a great time! They dressed up, had a "snowball" fight, and more! 

Snowball inbound! 
The more kiddos we add, the tougher it is to get this picture:)
Connor, Reagan, Sean Patrick & Cormac

These pictures crack me up! Cormac wasn't so sure about how much love Savannah was showing him:)

We're in California, the McSween's are in North Carolina, and the Donlon's are heading to Okinawa, Japan...but I know that we have more of these wonderful days ahead and I'm so grateful! 


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