Day 14 - Final Day/Night - London, England

We arose in Dublin at 5:45 and hopped on the bus heading for the airport. We had a flight to London Heathrow at 9 and once we landed, we took the Underground to Earl's Ct and checked into the Mayflower Hotel to find our smallest room to date!

Also the tiniest elevator I've ever seen. We had to ride separately to get our stuff down!

As soon as we dropped our bags, we headed out to grab something to eat. We found ourselves back at the Hung, Drawn, and Quartered where we got delicious pies (the meat kind) and a few pints. Then we wandered down the road to the Tower of London to take a tour. We saw several things inside, among them - the Fusiliers museum & headquarters, the crown jewels, the Beefeaters feeding the ravens raw chicken, and many other sites.

Yes, that's a container of raw chicken parts! GROSS!

A model fo the Tower of London

A terrible picture of one of the crown jewels before I got yelled at for taking pictures:)

(Sorry for the picture bomb, but there are too many to choose from!)

After that, we rode back to the hotel via the Underground, quickly changed and then hopped back on the tube to Piccadilly to pick up our theater tickets. We walked up the street to Planet Hollywood, had appetizers and drinks, and then headed back to Her Majesty's Theater to see Phantom of the Opera!! (It was Jason's third time seeing it, but my first, and it was INCREDIBLE!)

After the show was over, we found ourselves at Le Clarise for dinner and had another fabulous meal (Jason at partridge!). Finally, we went back to the hotel for our last night abroad.

All in all, it was the trip of a lifetime! We packed in so many different things and enjoyed each country/city in it's own respect. Thank goodness for Grandma & Grandpa who so kindly offered to watch the Weasel so we could spend this time together!


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