Weekend Recap

Saturday turned out to be quite a productive and fun day for the Goodale family. We woke up early and Jason made us a delicious breakfast of bacon and eggs! Then Reagan and I headed out to Southwest Strawberry farms to meet some friends and pick berries:

As you can see, it didn't take long to convince Reagan that she could eat some of the berries:) After watching the rest of us pick them for a few minutes, she finally started putting every third berry into the bucket instead of munching on it!

Overall, Reagan did a great job picking the strawberries. By the end though, her face was covered in red juice and I feared that the ladies at the checkout were going to make me weigh her to pay for all her mid-picking snacking:)

Reagan and her friend, Emma

When we finished, Kelley and I loaded up our vehicles and headed toward the Onslow County Farmer's Market. In true Jennifer-fashion, about 2 minutes down the road from the berry farm, I heard a small thud and saw a whirl of red flying off the roof of my car...yup, the box of strawberries was still on top! I did my best to salvage what I could, but in the end, I tossed most of them and replaced them with a quart of berries from the market. 

It's a small farmer's market, but it has lots to offer

Kelley bought GIANT cookies for Reagan and Emma

That's Reagan's head peeking out above the cow

After our morning of fun, Reagan and I returned home to find Jason finishing up another round of sanding/stripping/priming/painting the front porch:

While he finished his work in the front, Reagan and I headed to the backyard and tended to the weeds that were taking over the garden. She loves to pick weeds and play in the dirt. Here's a look at what we're growing this year:

Raspberry plants - it used to be 4 separate plants, but now it's just taken over the box

My first rosebud on the bushes I planted in February

Two containers of spinach - I've already harvested quite a bit and it's delicious! 

Here's the main bed that contains: tomatoes, bell peppers, jalapenos, mint, rosemary, basil, cilantro, chives, spring onions, okra, radishes, and carrots
The smaller containers have lettuce, radishes, and more spinach
The large container in the back is Reagan's pot - she got ahold of my seeds and ended up growing lettuce, an onion, carrots and a few radishes - we call it the salad container:)

We had good intentions of hitting the beach following our work, but the swells and forecast weren't cooperating, plus, Reagan had a fever and was very lethargic, so we decided to hang at home and just relax. After a good nap, we hopped in the car and drove to base to pick up a few things from Jason's office and hit the commissary. We came home and Reagan ate her dinner and had a bath while Jason prepped dinner for us. Post bath, she felt much better:

And for dinner, Jason was inspired by an article containing a bunch of different hotdog combinations, so he made 5 of them and we split each one. Here they are:

The PoBoy Dog - Remoulade, lettuce, pickled okra, and celery salt

The Chimichanga dog - wrapped in a flour tortilla and topped with cheese and salsa 

The BLT dog - lettuce, tomato, bacon and mayo

The Frito Dog - Fritos, jalapenos, cheddar cheese, and chili

The Chicago dog - cucumber, tomato, relish, red onions, hot peppers and mustard (one half has about 1/3 of the toppings because I don't eat onions, relish or mustard!)

And that was our Saturday recap. What a wonderful weekend!


  1. Looks like you had a great weekend. I'm glad Reagan is feeling better. Which hot dog was your favorite? Garden looks great!

  2. Chicago dogs don't have cucumbers crazies.


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