Easter Brunch in Virginia

On Easter Sunday, we woke up early for the pre-church egg hunt. The Tuesday beforehand, Reagan participated in her first ever egg hunt. We were told that children were limited to 12 eggs to ensure everyone got the same amount. This didn't prove to be an issue as Reagan picked up her first (and only) egg, discovering that there was candy inside! Yup, she finished the hunt with just one:) Well, on the actual day, we used real eggs and she absolutely loved it.

In fact, I think she picked up more than a dozen in total! Then she got to open her first of two Easter baskets and wanted to play with or eat everything inside:

We took a couple pictures before church and Reagan loved her new Easter dress that Grandma picked out for her!

We headed to church where Reagan surprised all of us with her good behavior. She even went up to the front with Grandma for children's time. Her only mistake was running wildly up the aisle after a quick trip to the potty, shrieking wildly at the site of Daddy!

After church, we went to meet the rest of the Goodale family at the country club where Uncle Kevin and Aunt Lisa had organized a gorgeous table for our brunch. The weather was beautiful and we had the perfect view of the golf course while we dined on delicious food. Again, Reagan was quite well-behaved and did a great job of tasting everything on her plate.

What's a brunch without Mimosas?!

After we finished indulging in the fare, we wandered out on the balcony to take some family pictures while everyone was dressed up:

Grandma and Aunt Lisa

Uncle Geoffrey, Reagan, and Jason

Family pic

Gary Michael and Terry (totally rocking the Easter hat!)

Morgan and her boyfriend, Kevin

Uncle Kevin and Aunt Lisa

Grandma and her boys - Rick, Gary Michael, and Kevin

Grandma, Reagan and Jason

After brunch, we adjourned to Grandma's house for more family time. We enjoyed some more cocktails and snacks while watching the Master's and letting Reagan play with everything in sight:

One of my new favorite pictures of Grandma and her girl!

Uncle Geoffrey sipping a cocktail

Note the two different shoes...this girl is nuts!

Finally, we headed home via Green Springs to visit Grandpa Ted and Grandma Isabel. Reagan sat happily in her Great Grandpa's lap while he fed her ice cream:

And when she wasn't stepping on her Great Grandma's feet, she was trying to climb on her walker:

All in all, it was a fabulous Easter and we had a blast. Thanks to everyone for making it so special!


  1. Hey! I'm totally missing y'all! R is gorgeous as always. When are you moving up to DC?


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