Art 101

Several of my friends from Stroller Warriors have embarked on an intriguing journey. Really, it's not so much a journey, but a year long challenge to BUY NOTHING NEW! As families, they have each established guidelines to govern this next year as they do their best to meet their goals. It's an impressive mission to say the least.

While the Goodale Family isn't hopping on board with this Buy Nothing New Challenge, it has gotten me thinking. So last week, as Mother's Day was rapidly approaching, instead of buying those wonderful Hallmark cards with the beautiful sayings, we decided to break out the paint and make our own! Pre-Reagan, I used to make lots of cards myself. I have an entire stockpile of card-making supplies. Post-Reagan, I've let that hobby slide to the back burner in exchange for playing with blocks and dolls. And because we're getting ready to move, those supplies are boxed up and in a closet for the rest of our time in NC.

At first, Reagan used a brush to do her painting:

She kept getting paint on her hands and asking me to wipe them off, so I decided that would be a great time to teach her about finger painting!

And to end our "art session," I painted her hands with the brush to make handprint cards. She LOVED that part and started to try to paint her own hand. Needless to say, it was a successful venture:) We'll definitely be doing more painting in the near future.


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