Upgrading Our Flower Beds

When we moved into our home nearly 3 years ago, we had one type bushes on one side and a different type in front of the porch that were frequent sightings throughout the neighborhood. Here are a couple pics that have them in the background:

When I trimmed these bushes back, the bottoms were totally brown and gross looking!

The 3 of the ones behind Reagan and Max had developed some sort of fungus, turning the leaves a slight brownish color. Also gross!

So, as we've begun attempting to beautify the house and yard in preparation for our move (in hopes of renting it!), we decided to pull out the ugly bushes and replace them with new ones. We selected 4 gardenias for the left side (facing the house), and 3 hydrangeas for the right side (in front of the porch). The gardenias popped this week and we LOVE our new front yard:

These flowers change color based on the acidity of the soil. How cool is that?! 


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