SW Picnic Fun

On Wednesday, May 2nd, Reagan and I headed across town to Deppe Park to meet our fellow Stroller Warriors for a non-running event...a PICNIC! We arrived around 11:15 with watermelon and a veggie tray in hand. As soon as we stepped out of the car, I covered Reagan in sunscreen and applied some on my own arms - it was a hot day. I deposited the food in the picnic table area, and then we to the park (devoid of any source of shade) and played a bit before the bulk of SWs arrived. Reagan is at a great age right now. She's discovering all these new things she can climb on, but each unsure step takes time. Therefore, any chance we get to play with a small crowd is welcome. After the older kiddos take over, it's a free-for-all and I'm stuck watching every move Reagan makes and ensuring she doesn't get stepped on:)

About 20-25 ladies and their kiddos showed up and brought WAY TOO MUCH food, but that's never a problem for us! We took a lunch break and then went back to the playground. Here are a few pictures from our fun day:

This slide tube was a source of fun and frustration. Reagan couldn't climb up it without some help, but she sure wanted to!

This is Reagan and Clara Beth - they were born on the same day. Can you believe the size difference?!

Another shot of Reagan and CB:)

This is my favorite. It's one of those tubes where you can talk into it from another one located elsewhere. Reagan was so confused. I think she was actually expecting to see me crawl out of it!


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