It's a Sprinkle

My dear friend, Lynsey and her husband Brian, are expecting their second child next month! They already have sweet Mason, and they will be adding Caroline within a matter of weeks, so we wanted to celebrate their family with a sprinkle. Now most people I told about this had never even heard of a sprinkle. To be honest, I hadn't either until some of our playgroup friends hosted one. It's basically a small shower where no one brings big gifts, just diapers or other small things, to celebrate the upcoming birth of a second child.

On Friday afternoon, Jason, Reagan, Tommy and I headed to Raleigh. We arrived at Colleen & Keith's house and got the kids fed and then packed up Keith's Jeep to drive to Winston-Salem. Colleen, Max, Reagan and I arrived at Lynsey's house around 9:30 and we got the kiddos to bed within the hour. Then the three of us drove to the grocery store to get supplies for the sprinkle, leaving Brian in charge of the sleeping babes. We returned home and enjoyed some pizza and cheese sticks while we made the sandwiches for the following day. Around midnight, Mason decided he should get up and entertain us:) He was an absolute joy and didn't fuss at all, just laid with his mommy until we decided to hit the sack.

The next morning, we let the kids play and eat breakfast - courtesy of Brian who rose early and served handmade biscuits and blueberry muffins! Colleen, Max, Reagan and I drove to Lynsey's mom's house to set up for the party. We met Taylor and Zach there (Lynsey's brother and sister-in-law) and they had already picked up the dessert for the sprinkle! We put up a few decorations, placed the food on the table and then waited around for the guest of honor to arrive.

Cake squares from Dewey's Bakery

Food table: sandwiches, cheese & crackers, chips and dip, fruit, veggies, cookies and cake

Just a few decorations to spruce up the occasion:)

The gift table

Favors for the Sprinkle guests

Right on time, Lynsey arrived with her sister-in-law, Traci:

We basically just enjoyed some food and then watched as Lynsey opened the gifts. Here are a few pictures from the party:

Colleen and Max

Someone is walking ALL over the place!

Lynsey and Archer (her friend's baby)

Harper and Palmer busy at work

These girls were SO well behaved (as they always are!)

Lynsey's beautiful grandmother, Nan!

Max resting with his grandma, Jill

Reagan wanted to help Colleen with the gift list

Harper was a big helper when it came to opening the gifts! 

After the gifts were open, Brian arrived with Mason and his brother-in-law, Robert, in tow. Mason couldn't wait to give his girlfriend, McKinley, a big kiss:

Max was a trooper and played so well without a morning nap

Harper, Palmer, and Reagan

Lynsey with her friend Sarah, and her three children: Archer, Palmer, and Harper

And to wind down the party, Lynsey read a book to Mason and Max...This mama is definitely ready to welcome number 2!!

As always, it was wonderful to catch up with an old friend and we're so excited for the Moore family! Can't wait to meet Miss Caroline in June!  Love you guys!


  1. Thank you so much for all you did for us! We are so blessed to have y'all as friends. You threw a beautiful sprinkle.


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