Mother's Day, Goodale Style

After our big weekend away in Winston-Salem and Raleigh visiting friends, we woke up on Sunday morning at went to Bob Evans with Colleen, Keith and Max, and Colleen's parents, Jill and Tom. Jill treated us to a lovely breakfast and then we headed back to Colleen's house to pack the car and watch a bit of soccer before hitting the road. 

Every time we leave their house, I beg Jason to stop at the Raleigh Farmer's Market. It's HUGE and WONDERFUL! But every time we pass by the exit, Reagan is sleeping and we don't want to risk disturbing her nap and ending up with a screamer for 2 we don't stop. Well, in honor of Mother's Day, Jason ignored our sleepy girl and dropped me off to do a bit of shopping. I scored two containers of dried pears (which I cannot find anywhere else!) and some fresh fruit. I could have spent hours there, but decided to call it good and found him sitting in the backseat with Reagan who was now awake.

The market was actually way more crowded than in the picture above, but I didn't have my camera in tow, so I had to find this one on the internet. 

As we headed East, Reagan went back to sleep and remained that way until we pulled into Thompson Farms! Hooray for a good, QUIET ride home!!!

We decided to relax for a bit and watch a movie. I selected New Year's Eve and we both enjoyed it. As the movie was coming to an end, I asked Jason where Reagan was. We typically close the doors to our room, the guest room and Reagan's room, but left access to the downstairs available to her. That was our mistake:) Jason called her and she came upstairs with some sort of white powder covering her shirt and some stains on her face that looked like chocolate. We immediately paused the movie and went down to have her show us what she was up to. This is what we found:

Yup, she got into a basket of spices and had opened several to taste. Namely, she tried ground ginger and cream of tartar...both of which are disgusting by themselves (trust me, I tasted them just out of sheer curiosity). I have been holding on to a box of child proofing gear for a friend, so I raided it and Jason put the door know protector on:

Best move ever! After the movie, Jason asked if I wanted to go out for dinner. Having already had one meal at a restaurant with a well-behaved toddler, I wasn't ready to try our luck with a second meal, so I suggested he go get us something for dinner. He happily agreed and went to get Jimmy Johns subs and stopped at Sonic for an ENORMOUS cherry limeade! I was in heaven!!  

And even though he doesn't actually remember this, right before we went to sleep, he whispered, "Happy Mother's Day babe. You are the best mother I know!" 

Couldn't have asked for a better day!


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