4th of July - Part 1

On Independence Day, Reagan hopped in the Bob and headed to the town parade with Daddy, Tommy and me. When we were about 3/4 of the way there, we ran into Papa (on a bike) and Gary Mike (he drove) and were told to TURN AROUND! The parade route was crowded and it wasn't nearly as close as we originally thought. Instead of listening, we handed Tommy off and kept walking toward the parade. Reagan was miserably hot before the parade even started, but she did her best to be patriotic:) 

Yes, that sunburn is Mommy's fault:(

It was quite possibly the most boring parade in the history of parades. This guy below as probably the highlight! But Daddy tried to keep Reagan interested!

We made the 2 mile walk home. Reagan napped and I tried not to go into labor:) 

That afternoon, Uncle Geoffrey tried to show Reagan how to fly a kite on the top deck. 

Until it got stuck on the roof of the house next door. Then the real entertainment began...Glenna and Gary Mike with cleaning supplies (broom & swiffer) trying to unhook the line! Eventually they managed to get it unstuck, but it was quite funny while it lasted!


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