Beach Day!

We arrived in Duck, NC on Monday, July 1st. Although it was gray and drizzling, Geoffrey, Jason, Reagan, Tommy and I found a break in the weather and wandered down to the beach. We didn't don swimwear, but had a great time digging in the sand and throwing a stick into the surf for T. We stayed for a little over an hour and then headed back to the house for tacos made by Papa! They were delicious!

The next day, it was beautiful, so we loaded up the cart and stroller and walked to the beach again. (Last year Reagan would start complaining about 5 minutes after arriving at the beach, so we were expecting the same, but everyone was pleasantly surprised as she did such a good job playing by herself and just hanging out!) 

Reagan would get her feet close to the water, and as soon as a wave came toward her little toes, she turned and ran, shrieking, up the beach...

I love this picture of Reagan and Grandma. Her little leg is posed so cutely and she's only that close to the water because Grandma is protecting her:)

Jason and Geoffrey spent the week digging giant holes on the beach for Reagan. She loved it!

Even Tommy came down to the beach with us! He's still not a fan of the water, but overall he was pretty good! I think we were down there for at least 3 hours (a record for Reagan...and for me). It was a wonderful way to kick off our trip!


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