Sunset Parade with Reagan

A couple weeks ago, Jason had to escort Mrs. Thornberry and her guests to the Sunset Parade at the Marine Corps War Memorial. It just so happened that my friend, April, asked Reagan and I to attend the parade the same night. We met April in Cameron Station, grabbed a quick to-go dinner, and headed into Arlington. We had a nice easy drive to Arlington National Cemetery where we hopped on a bus and were driven to the MCWM. We chatted with April's husband (he's stationed at the Barracks) while waiting for the parade to begin, and he was kind enough to save us three chairs in the roped off area (April is due 2-3 weeks before me, so it was a welcome offer!). 

Once the VIPs started arriving, we turned around and quickly found Daddy! Reagan was thrilled to see him, but couldn't figure out why he couldn't pick her up and carry her around:) After saying hello and chatting for a moment, we headed back to our seats and watched as the parade started. Reagan liked the music, but she kept complaining that she was tired and hot...what a bum! 

It was definitely interesting to be in the crowd after both Jason and I served at the Barracks and marched in the same parade ourselves, but we had a good time overall. Reagan really wasn't too interested in the whole affair. Perhaps we'll try again next year. Oh well, I got some fun pictures at the parade:


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