Daddy's Promotion Party

On June 29th, we celebrated Jason's promotion to major! Geoffrey worked it out so we could rent the rooftop of his apartment building (Siena Park Apartments) and it turned out to be the perfect venue (well, after the sun went down a little:)! Backyard Barbecue catered the event with pulled pork, brisket, potato salad, coleslaw, baked beans and mac n' cheese. Jason's co-worker, Michael Seeds, and his friend, Chris Wrench, provided live music for the majority of the night - with a guest appearance by Susan Villella - and they were amazing! And Glenna was in charge of the cake...she did a fabulous job as it was not only stunning, it was delicious too! Overall, it was a fantastic party and we are so lucky to have such wonderful people to celebrate with. Keith, Colleen & Max came up from Raleigh, Adam & Lauren drove down from West Point, and all the Goodale's and Campbell's found the time to make it into Arlington for the evening! Here are some pictures from a great night:

That's pretty much it for the decor:) Functional!

Love this picture of Max trying to escape a photo op with Mommy & Daddy!

Another funny one. I think they were discussing who was taller:)

Small glimpse of those in attendance...there were probably 60+ in total!

One of our most favorite couples! So wonderful to see these two!

This is shortly after Max was disciplined for throwing giant chunks of ice off the rooftop! Hey, he was just having a good time!

Jason loved the cake! Thanks Glenna!

Another look

It was swelteringly hot before the sun started to set, but once it did, it was absolutely incredible! I even commented to Jason that he must be blessed since the entire week the forecast was predicting thunderstorms...instead, we got this:

In what's becoming a Campbell Family tradition, Fireball shots made their debut (in a J-shape naturally:)

Another shot a can just see what a good time everyone is having!

And Grandma had the best showing with 3 Fireball shots in a row!!!

The entertainment - Chris & Seeds - they were awesome!

Susan singing a few tunes

Geoffrey & Glenna - perfect hosts for a wonderful night!

And if it wasn't a perfect night to this definitely became so...

Jon & Jason

Just realized that Reagan and I aren't in a single photo for this post...I promise we were there and had a blast! We especially loved Chris & Seeds' cover of Free Falling as we danced the night away. This is definitely one promotion party we will never forget!


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