4th of July - Part 2

As the day grew to a close, we loaded up the Sienna and headed north to Corolla to a spot that Jason and his family used to go to when he was younger to watch the fireworks. We got there at the perfect time and there were just a couple families set up, so we managed to get great seats! The sunset was absolutely gorgeous (so naturally I took way too many pictures!). We enjoyed some wine that Glenna's dad provided and relaxed for a bit before it was dark enough to start the show...

This is one of my favorite pictures to date! I'm not a sentimental girl, but how sweet is this? Her feet will never be this small again!

Glenna was such a sweetheart and she grabbed my camera to take a few shots of our family:)

Not exactly how you eat sunflower seeds, but what a silly girl!

This was an accidental silhouette shot that Jason took...I love it:)

A little blurry, but how cute is this?!

Oh yeah, and there were some pretty great fireworks too!!!


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