Another Hit!

Jason's done it again.  After participating in a Jingle Bell Fun Run (5k) on Sunday afternoon, he cooked a garlic-thyme sirloin roast with horseradish cream sauce, spinach salad with carrots, orange, and sesame, and asparagus wrapped with prosciutto!

In the morning, he looked up a recipe for herb-crusted beef tenderloin.  Unfortunately, we live in Jacksonville, NC where finding such a cut of meat proved impossible.  In fact, when Jason questioned the butcher at our local Food Lion, he was told that they don't carry the tenderloin for two reasons: 1) it's typically too expensive for the clientele, and 2) because it it so expensive, when they did carry it, people STOLE it.  Yes, can't get much more redneck than stealing a large hunk of meat from the grocery store.  This ridiculousness resulted in Jason creating a totally different menu which resulted in an absolutely delicious meal.

Who wants to come over for dinner next Sunday?!


  1. I do! I do! I love food :) But, I'll already be out of town ;)

  2. Next time we come to visit.. Jason better not be in the field and better be in the kitchen. :)


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