I Heart Bob!

The Bob jogging stroller that is...

Jason's Aunts (Sheri, Lori, and Steph) gave us this jogging stroller before Reagan was born, and I've been waiting ever since to use it!  Today was our test run.  We went to the local bike shop to get the tires filled and make sure everything was good to go on it.  As soon as we got home, I transferred missy to the jogger and off we went.  It rolls smoothly, makes running only slightly more difficult (since I can't swing my arms), and gives me the freedom to run outside again without placing the monitor on the mailbox and running laps in my cul-de-sac!  Luckily it was in the mid-60s today, so temperature wise, we were golden.  Unfortunately, it was seriously windy, which resulted in only one lap of the neighborhood today.  And that's quite alright with me...a start is a start, right?!  Keeping my fingers crossed that the rain holds off again and we can meet Alexis tomorrow for another try:)


  1. Mid 60's? Jealous. High of 46 here today. But isn't the BOB the greatest ever! I will be so happy when we can undo the infant car seat attachment and just let little man chill facing front.

  2. I think that it awesome! It must be so freeing to have even 10 more feet to run. Happy trails!


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