New Stockings!

Since we have officially become our own little family (yeah, we were married last year, but I think the baby makes it an official family), I decided that we should get some new stockings.  I ordered these from Lands End and it seems that almost everyone who has been in our house and seen then either has the same ones or knows someone who has them.  They were very reasonably priced and I like that they are similar but not identical.  I considered getting Tommy one, but since he's on the "naughty list" after eating the footboard of the bed in the guest room and a bag of Reese's peanut butter cups, I decided he wasn't worth the $19.00.  Maybe next year Tommy, maybe.  

I'm sure when Reagan reaches her teen years she's going to be upset that her stocking is a childish teddy bear, but for the now she's pretty content with the pretty colors.  


  1. She probably won't mind the teddy bear, but she may be looking to get a bigger stocking! Tell Tommy that Nessie has her own he's jealous!

  2. Love the stockings. How did J like them?

  3. We have the teddy bear one for Mocha and the snowman one for me (Matt has a red Santa one). I love them also and can't wait to add another one for our baby girl next year :-)

  4. Don't worry, Tommy. Grandma has a stocking for Santa to fill waiting at my house!


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