An Early Visit from Santa!

Early Saturday afternoon, Jason and I heard sirens and a loud speaker blaring throughout the neighborhood.  Just as Jason was about to call 911 and report our redneck neighbors that live behind us, he heard me shouting, "HEY!  BRING REAGAN! GET THE CAMERA!  SANTA IS HERE!!!"  As any good father would do, he picked up the baby, put her hat on (it was cold & rainy), and handed her over to Santa from our local volunteer fire station.  And as any good Asian would do, I stood back and snapped pictures.  Luckily, she's at that age where we can hand her off to anyone and she doesn't seem to mind a bit!


  1. All you need now is a little backpack with an American flag flying out of the top and you can be a perfect Asian tourist!

  2. Her first picture with Santa is great! Santa looks like he spent part of the last year at the spa, which had a fountain of youth treatment room! :-)


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