Tale #4 of the Traveling Gypsies

On Saturday morning, we woke up and packed the car.  Then we headed west to Charlottesville, where we were meeting Sean's dad at Lake Monticello.  The drive was about 3 hours and we were delighted to get out of the car and hop into the lake!  We were greeted by Rich, Maureen, Haley, & Liam plus Licorice, Maggie, Ringo, Sadie, & Riley (the 5 Mulder dogs!).  Tommy was somewhat well behaved with all of them, but I was cautious after his run in with another dog earlier this year, so he pretty much kept to himself in our room.  Liam was kind enough to give Reagan, Tommy and I his room for the trip and we were grateful.

We got a snack, and then quickly made our way down to the water.  After a swim, or rather, a float on the inner tubes (so Reagan could participate), Jessica, Haley, Reagan and I went for a long walk.  Then we went in for a delicious dinner.  Following dinner, we hopped on the pontoon boat for a nice ride around the lake.  It was a beautiful evening and Reagan loved being on the boat with all the dogs (except for my chicken dog who wouldn't get near it:).

The next day, we got up and Reagan and I went for a 3 mile walk to the golf course.  Two of Sean's friends, Justin & Alicia, met us in the early afternoon, and shortly after their arrival we loaded up the boat for some tubing and knee boarding.  It was a great time!

Here are some pictures of the first couple days:

Reagan & Liam (she loved him!)

Me and my girl with nutty Sean in the background

Reagan, Sean & Jessica on our evening boat ride

Tommy hanging out on the "safe" porch so no one could coax him onto the boat:)

Our girl is walking!

Jessica & Liam nerding it up on their iPads.  In total, I think there were 11 Apple products in the house!

Hanging out in the tube (on the boat)

Jess...keeping it classy

My tubing adventures

I got off the tube to find this adorable picture.  She was totally passed out!

Alicia enjoying the lake

Sean and Justin - a true Bromance

Sean on the tube

Brave Jessica was first up on the knee board after Liam showed us how to do it

Haley enjoying a nice afternoon

Jessica's graceful exit from knee boarding

I thought knee boarding was easy until I tried it!

Sean was a pro from the start - cruising in and out of the wake!

More to follow on our Lake Monticello adventures.  It was a wonderful time and we can't thank Rich & Maureen enough for opening their house to this motley crew!


  1. Jen,
    We had a great time with all of you! It was really wonderful to meet Reagan, she is beautiful....takes after her Mom of course! Thanks for a great weekend and I hope youncome visit again really sson. Love to all and give Jason our best,
    Maureen and Rich


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