Hooray! No More Milk Cow!

As Reagan's first birthday approaches, I can officially retire the Medela Swing pump!!

When Reagan was born, the first week of breastfeeding was almost too difficult, but we persevered.  I remember those early days.  I would cringe whenever feeding time came around and dread it.  But as time went on, it became easier, and as all of you know, we soon became quite proficient at the task and could basically feed anywhere (and we did!).  The most unusual place/time I nursed was probably in a parking lot in Wilmington before the Beach to Battleship Half-marathon pictured here.  I can honestly say we got our money's worth with the 2 "Hooter Hiders" we received.

As our nursing days have come to an end, I'm happy.  Happy that we made it the full year.  Happy that Reagan isn't too attached to stop now.  And happy that I don't have to pump again for a long, long time!!  No more rinsing pump parts and bottles!  No more using up half the freezer to store milk!  Those bags suck anyway because half the time they leak when you defrost the milk:(

I have friends who exclusively pumped and I have no idea how they found the time and patience.  Kudos to them...they are amazing mothers!  Saturday was our first official day of not nursing and not pumping.  Saturday was a good day.  I've got enough frozen milk to take us through the year-mark, and Reagan has been making the transition to organic whole milk since about 11-months (I mix the two).  So here, to a good year of nursing.  Once that first week was over, it was by far the easiest part of parenting.  Can't say I'm going to miss it though.  And for those of you who worried I might keep going, once I saw that video of the 8-year old nursing, it hardened my resolve...and here we are!


  1. Good work Jen and Reagan! It's only creepy to keep breast feeding when the kid can actually ask for the boob!

  2. Like B said one time.. if the kid can walk, talk and ask for the boob.. it's time to give it up!
    Good work ladies!


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