Tale #6 of the Traveling Gypsies

On Tuesday, we embarked on our longest drive yet...from Charlottesville to Winston-Salem (almost 5 hours)!  It was a rough drive as we were all quite sore from our lake adventures, but we endured.  We were heading to see Lynsey & Brian's new house!  I had seen it on a previous trip to Winston, but it was before they actually closed, so it was still full of the previous owner's furniture and I was excited to see how they decorated.  It is absolutely gorgeous!  And they've already done a ton of work to the place, adding an extra wall, putting up a fence, filling it with beautiful furniture (to include a handmade GORGEOUS dining room table with chairs and a bench made by Brian's father), and have plans to do even more.  Jessica and Sean slept in the playroom, while Reagan and I got to spend the night in the bedroom in the downstairs apartment.  Brian's parents, Jim & Doris, were in town to help with some of the house/deck renovations and they slept in the upstairs guest room.

After we arrived and took the grand tour, we convinced Lynsey to do a crossfit workout with us.  This one was 5 pushups, 10 sit-ups, and 15 air squats - as many reps as you could do in 20 minutes!  It was one of the most challenging workouts to date, and I think Lynsey's quote was, "I didn't breathe this hard during labor!"  When Brian got home, we told him our total reps and he was determined to beat us all.  And he did!!

Brian performed 23 repetitions!  And yes, he was exhausted after and declared it to be quite a good workout.  After a delicious dinner of Hungry Howie's pizza, Jessica, Lynsey, Sean, Reagan and I set off on a "recovery" walk.  

The weather was beautiful and our legs appreciated it after the difficult workout.  Reagan passed out due to not having enough naps during our car ride:)  


The kiddos played for a bit, had a bath together, and then we put them down and watched a bit of TV.  We had a surprise visit from Betty & Gray while Reagan was still up, and we were delighted to see them!  

Mason is getting so big!  He's pulling up on everything and cruising along the furniture!

Mason & his grandma Doris (Brian's mom)

The next morning, Jessica, Lynsey, Doris, Reagan and I went for a nice walk in the neighborhood.  After that, we packed our things - Lynsey was getting ready for the beach and we were getting ready to go to Raleigh.  Reagan "helped" by unpacking her diaper bag:

It was so nice to see old friends and let the babies play for a day.  Thanks Lynsey & Brian for a great visit!  Your house is amazing and I can't wait to see it after these latest projects!!


  1. Thanks for coming to visit us. We loved having you here and can't wait until we see you again. Mason had a blast with Reagan!


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