Beaufort Road Race

At 5:30 on Saturday morning, I got Reagan loaded in the car and we headed to Beaufort, NC for the 32nd Annual Historic Beaufort Road Race.  It was about an hour and twenty minute drive and we got there with plenty of time to spare.  I had packed Reagan's yogurt and cheerios, so we had lots of time to enjoy breakfast while waiting for the race.  Reagan enjoyed walking around by the water for a bit and then we met up with a fellow Stroller Warrior and her family.  The course was an out-and-back along the water.  Luckily we had the wind with us for the second half or I wouldn't have made it without walking:)

The run included a stroller division which was great!  There were about 15 strollers competing, and my friend, Mia, took 3rd for the women.  Reagan and I came in shortly after her at the un-awarded 4th place spot.  It was my PR with a stroller, so I was happy anyway!

Reagan enjoying her morning milk and wondering where the heck we were!

Walking on the boardwalk w/ race timing chip in hand

Mia, Braxton, Troy & Liam pre-race

Mia and her twin boys post-race...she's a total stud!

Reagan and I post-race

Mia's 3rd place medal!

Race's really the only reason I do them:)


  1. Congats on the new stroller PR! You are amazing and an inspiration. Thanks for always motivating me!

  2. You are a total stud too! Fantastic job on the run Jen!


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