Tale #5 of the Traveling Gypsies

On July 4th, we celebrated in style!  First, Jessica, Sean, Justin, Reagan and I participated in a local 5k around the lake's golf course.  Perk #1, it was free.  Perk #2, it helped burn off all those extra calories I consumed because we were on vacation and we ate everything and anything we saw!  Everyone did well, Sean finished first of our group, with Justin close behind.  Jessica won our age group, and Reagan and I brought up the rear.  

Team Progenex representing

Justin & Sean pre-race

After the race, Justin & Alicia had to leave, so we headed back to the house to let them pack.  Once we said our goodbyes, Rich, Haley, Liam, Jessica, Sean, Reagan and I loaded up the boat and headed out for some more knee boarding and tubing.  Haley got some great pictures of this with Rich's camera, but I haven't gotten those yet.  

When we finished an exhausting couple hours of fun, I left Reagan in the capable hands of Sean & Haley for an hour while Jessica and I went down to beach 3 for our lake swim.  It was another free event and we were glad to participate.  While we were waiting in the water, we overheard a girl say, "I can't wait until next year when I'm in the 18-35 category because women over 30 are definitely past their prime!"  If that didn't give us the fuel to swim fast, I don't know what would have.  We aren't sure if we beat her, but we did come in 4th & 5th for our age group (Jessica was a few seconds ahead of me).  Rich and Haley came to pick us up and we went back to the house.  I changed over, but Jessica jumped back in the lake to relax for a bit with her beloved Monster!


Reagan watched from the boat in her adorable patriotic outfit courtesy of our friend Jenn Johnson!

Haley was kind enough to swim with Jessica so she wouldn't be alone:)

Liam watched from the dock

Jess & Sean

That evening, we had another fabulous dinner: hamburgers, hotdogs, potato salad, mac n' cheese, and salad.  We wandered down to the fireworks after Reagan went to sleep (Maureen offered to stay at the house with her!).  There had been quite a rain storm before and it was still drizzling as we walked down to the dam to watch, but it was still fun.  

The following morning, we packed up the car yet again and then took a minute to snap a few family pictures:

My crazy sister & BIL

Liam, Haley, Maureen, Jessica, Sean & Rich

Sean & his dad

The whole group...yay for self timers!

It was a fantastic, fun-filled trip and we were thoroughly exhausted by the time we left.  In fact, Jessica said on the evening of the 4th, that she'd like to go tubing one more time before we left, but when we woke up, we were all too sore and tired to even attempt it.  Thanks again Rich & Maureen for being wonderful hosts!!!  


  1. Definitely was an awesome time! Wish we could have stayed the duration. By the way, I love your site Jennifer!


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