Reagan's First 1st Birthday Party

If your a member of the Goodale family, you're entitled to not just a birthday, but a birthday week!  Well, Reagan's birthday week started on Sunday, July 17th.  We were invited to my friend Jennifer Johnson's house for a birthday BBQ.  Her husband works with Jason and we've been friends for a couple years now. They have a daughter, Michaela, who also has a birthday this month!  Jenn misses buying baby clothes, so she absolutely spoils Reagan!

She made potatoes, squash & zucchini and grilled chicken.  Everything was delicious.  Then she told me to strip down Reagan to her diaper.  She put a huge plastic table cloth on the dining table and then brought out the most adorable "smash" cake for Reagan.

Jenn & her daughter, Michaela

Reagan was confused at first...

but started to get the idea...

and then really figured it out!

Jenn bought a big cake for the rest of the adults (more ladies from 1/9 joined the festivities!).  It was absolutely delicious and beautiful too!

After the cake, Reagan got to open her presents!  She loved the tissue paper and got several new outfits and toys.  What a wonderful surprise and a great start to her birthday week!  


  1. So sweet of them to throw Reagan a party. Still can't believe she is almost one! The time has flown by.

  2. Looks like a lot of fun! Reagan seems to have enjoyed her "smash" cake much more than Julietta did - she just cried the whole time!

  3. Happy birthday to the little angle! I think that this very sweet. A great tradition and I am kind of inspired by this. We’re also celebrating our son’s birthday next week in a nice LA venue and I think he’ll be more than happy to welcome the concept of birthday week. This is awesome!


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