Tale #2 of the Traveling Gypsies

Just because you're on vacation, doesn't mean you skip your workout...or so I learned!  When Sean & Jess moved to CA, they discovered Crossfit.  Sean joined a Crossfit gym and has really gotten into it.  He shared his knowledge with us this week.  On day 1, we did the following:

Double Unders (jumping rope and getting the rope to go under your feet twice before you hit the ground)

Jessica and I couldn't do the double unders so we did an alternate of 3 regular jumps to each 1 DU (i.e. 150-120-90-60-30).  It was absolutely exhausting!  

Sean performing the prescribed workout of double unders!

One very focused Jessica!

One version of sit-ups

After the workout, Jessica & Sean practiced handstand pushups.  Then they had a contest to see who could hold a handstand the longest:)  (I think Jess won!)

These two are CRAZY!

I think his head might explode!

Seriously, she looks way too happy to be upside down:)

On day 2, we did the following workout:

400m run
15 push ups
50 air squats (body weight squats)

4 rounds for time

This was way more exhausting than the previous day's workout!  Jessica and I modified the workout by doing push ups on our knees to ensure we kept good form.  

Looking good Sean!

This is why I could hardly walk up and down stairs for the next 2 days!

On our last day in SoBoVa, we did the following:

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 ladder workout
burpees (bend down, hop into push up position, lower yourself to the ground, hop back to your feet, stand up and jump)
leg lifts

(this means we did 10 burpees, then 2 leg lifts; 9 burpees, then 4 leg lifts...and so on)

Crossfit consists of all out bursts of energy to complete a workout.  I loved it and hope to continue doing some workouts on my own.  Thanks Sean!!  


  1. Crossfit is no joke!! Looking good guys. Looking good.


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