Fun Times In NYC

After the wedding weekend, Jason and I drove into the city for a couple days/nights. It was a quick trip (maybe an hour) with relatively little traffic. Here's a funny sign we found along the way: 

Jason had reserved a room at the Holiday Inn in Midtown West on 57th Street. We arrived, checked in, and headed out to sightsee.

I'm not sure if he knew it at the time he made the reservation, but our hotel was just a block from the Hell's Kitchen district in NYC. We lucked out and happened upon a HUGE street fair running about 25 blocks of the city!

This is Mexican corn on a stick and it was delicious!

Jason enjoyed a sausage sandwich

We stopped for beers at a Peroni truck along the fair route and I just had to take pictures of these girls who were dancing to the music coming from a DJ booth just inside the restaurant.

After eating a bit more and just taking in the sites, we kept walking. I snapped this picture because it's the most ridiculous parking garage I've ever seen:

We found ourselves in Times Square, along Broadway, and then back to Hell's Kitchen for some NY pizza.

Inside one of the places we stopped (in search of possible theater tickets), I found this board. There were hundreds of messages printed on small squares of paper posted around a picture of Dick Clark. They are going to be dropped at midnight in Times Square as part of the confetti! 

This guy was painting entirely with spray paint and a few scraping tools...incredible!

 After all that walking, we enjoyed various slices of pizza and had a blast!

Here's Hell's Kitchen AFTER the street fair...disgusting!

Here's a picture of Jason in Times Square


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