NYC- Day 2

On our second day in NYC, we woke up to dismal conditions. I had my heart set on running through Central Park, but Mother Nature had a different plan:( Instead, we headed out for breakfast at a small restaurant about a block from the hotel. Then we ran across the street to a CVS and purchased much needed umbrellas for the day. 

We decided to hop on the subway and head to the MET. That's where we met our second roadblock of the day...apparently museums are closed for individual tours on Mondays. BUMMER! No worries. We were able to take a lovely, albeit rainy, stroll through Central Park. It's such a gorgeous place, that even the rain couldn't take away from it's beauty. Plus, we basically had the park to ourselves because the mini lakes forming along the pathways kept away the less determined sightseers. Here are a couple of the rainy photos we took in the park:

We wandered up from the MET to the Guggenheim, but the line to enter was around the block and continued for further than we could see. Instead of waiting around, we decided to just keep walking. We found this cool fountain along the way: 

Finally, we headed to the financial district in hopes of catching a glimpse through the fog of the new World Trade Center. It's still under construction, but it was quite a site!

And after much wandering, we managed to see the Statue of Liberty at a distance:

Despite the rain, we made the most of our second day in the city. That night we went to a Yankee's game, but that deserves a post all of its own!


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