One Amazing Kid

On Tuesday morning, we woke up early and caught a taxi to Pennington Station. We walked by Madison Square Garden, so naturally, I had Jason snap a picture of me:

My train left at 7ish, so I waited a few minutes to be called to the platform and about 4 hours later, I found myself at Union Station in DC. I caught the subway and made a change at Metro Center.

At the end of the blue line, Mil, Fil & Reagan were waiting for me. We grabbed a quick bite at McDonald's and then immediately headed to South Riding, VA. We were going to attend an ice cream party that Uncle Kevin and his co-worker, Tim were throwing for Brody and his buddy, Jacob. Brody recently won a special award from Loudoun County Schools Special Education Advisory Committee. Here is a letter from Jacob's mom (sent to Mil by Uncle Chris - Brody's father):
Awww... Jacob missed it! (referring to the award Brody received) He wanted to be there when Mr. Pack made the announcement. But maybe it was better because Jacob without meaning to would have said something and this was Brody's moment. I am kicking myself because I submitted the nomination online and I wrote from the heart it was raw and pretty packed with emotion and some how I did not copy it. I can give you a jest of what I said and you can share that  with her. There is an official award ceremony on Tuesday, May 8, at 6:30 PM, at the School Board Meeting. If he is going I am taking Jacob to go watch him get his real award. Anyway this is not exactly what I wrote but close to it.

Every day you hear horrible stories about bullying in school that make you cringe. As a special needs mom this keeps me up at night even more. But I am able to sleep better because I know that their is a special boy at school that watches out for my Jacob, who treats him with respect and kindness and more importantly...who is his friend. That student is Brody Campbell. 

Brody and Jacob do not socialize outside of school and I don't even know his parents well, although I wish I did because I would tell them what a wonderful job they are doing raising such a caring and empathic child. But some how, without anyone asking him to do so, Brody has taken it upon himself to be Jacob's guardian angel. He has such a calming effect on Jacob and really seems to get him. Many a times I have sat back and watched Brody walk over to Jacob and ask how he is doing or softly pat him on the back and tell him it is okay. He will instinctively pull him away from the crowd when he sees Jacob getting frustrated or angry and calmly will reassure my boy that it will be okay. And after talking with Brody it is okay! I am not the only person who has seen this special relationship, the teachers have picked up on it as well and will pair the two together often because they know Jacob will be in caring good hands. 

Brody Campbell deserves this award. Not only would it acknowledge his kind heart and spirit, it would serve as a role model to all the other students as to how compassion, empathy and friendship can make a huge difference in another child's life. 

Sharon Fuentes
(AKA Jacob's mom)

 Brody is one amazing kid!

So on that Tuesday, Brody, his twin brother Kellen, and the class were treated to ice cream as a small celebration! We got to participate which was wonderful. Here are a few pictures from the event:

Brody & Kellen

A few remarks about the special nature of Brody & Jacob's relationship

 Uncle Kevin, Brody, Tim & Jacob

You can barely see her in this group, but the kids loved Reagan. They were trying to get her to give high 5s in this shot:)

Brody, we are so proud of you for being such a wonderful role model for your fellow students. In a time when bullying is hitting the headlines of every major newspaper and magazine, you are a shining light for how children should behave. Congratulations on a well deserved award!


  1. What a nice post...I think he (they) are pretty amazing also! Thanks!


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