Jason's Change of Command

Nearly three years ago, we arrived in Jacksonville, NC and Jason took command of Charlie Company, 1st Battalion, 9th Marines. He proudly led this amazing group of young men through two deployments and too many training exercises to count. And while he will not miss all the late night/weekend phone calls about Marines getting into trouble, he will definitely miss his time as a company commander. If you ask any Marine officer, current or former, they will tell you that being a captain in command of a company is by far the greatest job you will ever have. Jason was blessed to experience not only his two and a half years with Charlie Company, but a year with Alpha Company at Marine Barracks Washington!

Recently, we were lucky to attend his Change of Command ceremony. Here are a few pictures from the event:

The company formed up and waiting for the ceremony to begin.

The company first sergeant delivering the guidon to Jason. 

Reading the relief order.

Passing the guidon signifies the change of command.

Jason spoke briefly after the ceremony and Reagan rushed up to hug him! I didn't get a pic of the hug, but here she is trying to get down again:)

Jason, his CO, LtCol Zagurski, and Paul Haagenson, the captain slated to replace him

Jason, we are so proud of all you've accomplished. While we know there are many great things to come, we will always look fondly upon our time with the great Chaos Company!


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