Yankee's Game - There Will Never Be One Like It

On Monday evening, we hopped on the subway and headed to Yankee Stadium. It was a chilly evening, so as soon as we hopped off the train, Jason ducked into a small shop and purchased (against his will) a Yankee's sweatshirt:)

Someone was not happy about the recorded evidence of him in a Yankee's sweatshirt!

Prior to departing for NYC, some family friends heard we were going up. They linked Jason up with their son, Ben, who works for the Yankee's. He hooked us up with tickets and we picked them up at the stadium. We were told to pick them up at Gate 4, but when we arrived, they redirected us to a separate entrance. There, we were greeted by some nice ladies who kindly put the additional two tickets (two friends were meeting us later) aside and directed us around the table to get our bracelets. We weren't sure what to expect, but when they ushered us into the Legends Suite, our jaws literally dropped.

We were faced with every imaginable food option available. There was a carving station, a lobster & seafood bar, a huge salad bar (complete with someone to make the salad!), a wing station with fries, a guest chef from Denver making Ahi Tuna salads, a sushi bar, and a dessert bar fit for someone with my sweet-tooth! Here are some pictures of it all - I didn't bring my camera because of the rain, so these are all iPhone pics:)

It was really too much to take in! And everything was included in the tickets except for drinks...ridiculously amazing! Ben came down from his office to spend a few minutes with him and we could not adequately express our thanks. 

The entire suite was outfitted with televisions broadcasting the game (and the hockey game too) and for the true baseball fans, a quick trip to the bathroom doesn't mean you have to miss a thing...yes, they had televisions built into the mirrors!

As if this wasn't enough, we headed downstairs to an equally incredible room full of the same food options plus more and a full bar that ran the length of the suite! We walked out to our seats in the 8th row and a guy wiped them down with a towel before we sat. Each seat came with a menu full of "typical" ballpark fare - hotdogs, hamburgers, nachos, plus some extra treats like sushi and milkshakes! We had a lady standing 5 feet from us ready to take any order we might have. Here are a few pictures from our seats:

I used my umbrella for a bit because it was still drizzling, but take note of the signs on the back of the seat. They say "Be Alert for Bats and/or Balls" Yes, we were close enough to potentially be hit by a bat!

The game wasn't that interesting considering the alternative inside, so by the end of the third inning, the rain had picked up, so we went back to the bar. I immediately went to the hotdog station:

Here's us at the bar watching a game that was being played 50 feet away on the TV:)

And that brings us to my personal favorite part of the evening...the candy bar. When Ben came down to see us in the Legends Suite, he mentioned a "Wall of Candy" that you bypass on your way to the seats. He did not overstate this. There were four large ladder type shelves covered in every kind of candy or snack you could possibly want. He also said that people usually fill whatever bag they brought prior to leaving. Hmmm...I'm not one to miss out on such an opportunity, so I gladly devoured a bag of popcorn and promptly filled it with what you see below:

Amazingly enough, I still have some of this candy left...although not much:) It was an incredible experience and one that will keep me from ballparks for years to come. I mean really, how can I go back to the "regular" seating where I can't see the game AND have to pay $10 for a hotdog?!


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