A Westpoint Wedding

As most of you know, we just returned from a trip North and I haven't written for about two and a half weeks. Well, now I have LOTS to write about. Let's start at the beginning.

On Thursday, May 17th, we loaded the car and set off for Woodbridge. We spent a great afternoon with Mil & Fil, settled Reagan and Tommy in for the weekend, and called it an early night. The following morning, Jason and I snuck out at 5:15 and drove to Westpoint, NY for Lauren & Adam's wedding weekend.

Beautiful View of the Capitol in the morning
Our first view of the NYC skyline
Upon arrival at the Thayer Hotel (pictured below), Jason changed clothes and met 7 other men from the wedding party for a round of golf at the Falkirk Country Club (where the reception would take place).

The Thayer Hotel
Our beautiful room
While Jason golfed, I took a nice run around the campus of Westpoint. The boys returned after a great afternoon and immediately changed to head back out for the rehearsal. I spent the afternoon lounging in the bed watching bad TV and in general, enjoying my time without any responsibilities:) About 5 minutes before the scheduled rehearsal dinner, Jason arrived back at the room, I quickly threw on shoes and a dress and we headed downstairs for a family-style Italian dinner. There were a few short speeches thanking family and friends and handing out gifts, but overall, it was just a lovely meal and some fellowship with Lauren & Adam's friends and family.

The following morning, Jason and I awoke and walked the streets of Historic Westpoint in search of breakfast. We found Andy's Restaurant where we enjoyed a delicious meal and then wandered around a bit more:

Jason left for the Chapel at 1215 which gave me another hour and a half to continue my lounging! I changed over and met a girl from the wedding to drive over to the Cadet Chapel (only a couple miles away). The ceremony was quite short, but equally beautiful and the bride was stunning! Jason was the head of the Saber Arch (typically called a sword arch in a Marine wedding, but this was an Army affair!). He did a great job and I'm including way too many pictures, but it was awesome.

The inside of the beautiful Chapel...it was HUGE!

The last three photos of this Saber Arch series show quite a funny story. Traditionally, the last two members of the Arch cross their Sabers (swords) and request a "kiss for passage." Lauren thought that the Army Officer was asking her to kiss him (hence the look of shock on her face in the second to last photo)! 

While Jason remained at the Chapel (and a slew of other locations) for photos with the wedding party, I returned to the hotel, changed and went for a run. Then I continued my sluggishness in the bed for another hour or so. I changed over and met the bus leaving for the reception around 5:30. The trip was slightly longer than planned (the busses were too tall to take the short route under a bridge), but we arrived to the most gorgeous country club and enough food to feed the real Army! There were tables set up all over with foods from their past - a Kentucky table for Lauren, a seafood bar, antipasti table for Adam, etc. We enjoyed cocktails and food and took a few pictures before heading up to the ballroom. 

Jason and I at the reception
They announced the members of the Saber Arch, who formed a nice welcoming line for the family members to follow. Then the DJ announced Jason who was giving a blessing/toast to start the festivities. He did an excellent job and had the room laughing and close to tears at the same time. It was beautiful. The meal was incredible, I had a filet and Jason had fish. Then we drank and danced the night away before hopping on the bus and returning to the hotel. All in all, it was quite an event, and one we were privileged to be a part of.

Oh, and to end the night, there was a NYC hotdog cart in the foyer for guests to enjoy a treat after dancing!


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