Blueberry Picking

On the first day of summer, Reagan and I went blueberry picking! We went to the same place where we picked strawberries earlier in the season. This time I was determined to actually come home with the berries!

Ideally, we should have gone in the morning when the temperature was not pushing 100 degrees, but we were babysitting Sean and having a lovely lunch with Maureen and her mom, Sally. So after Reagan's nap, we hopped in the car and drove down the road to the berry farm. Reagan was more interested in the chickens and roosters roaming around than the berries, but she still had fun. We each had a bucket and wandered through the bushes picking berries. Well, I picked berries and Reagan ate them:) Luckily this is a pesticide free farm!

Here are a few pictures of our fun afternoon:

You can see from her red face just how hot it was that afternoon!

All in all, we picked about a pound and a half. Reagan probably ate a quarter of a pound while we picked! Once we got home, I washed a quarts worth and put them in the freezer for smoothies or other recipes. The rest we can enjoy during the week. We will definitely be going back before the season ends!


  1. FUN! Brian & I was just talking the other day how we want to take the kids berry picking next year when Caroline can tot around too.


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