Jason's Honorary Korean Title

On Saturday morning, while I was taking pictures in Surf City, I received this text: "You can't get kimchee at Walmart, right?!"

Needless to say, I was confused. But when I arrived home and saw this:

out on the kitchen table, I started to understand:) When we were living in Northern VA, I took Jason to Yechon, one of my favorite Korean restaurants. He is a very "daring" eater, and was game to try anything. For years, I had seen my father enjoy a giant steaming bowl of kimchee soup. I suggested that Jason order it and he did. He fell in love. So on this Saturday morning, he was going to attempt to make it!

We headed to the commissary in search of the ingredients. They have a decent Asian section (I think this is due to how many military personnel marry overseas!) and we were able to find MOST of the ingredients. Unfortunately, despite a trip to another store after the commissary trip, we still couldn't find a few things. Did this stop Jason? Of course not.

As soon as we returned, he began making the beef stock to add to the dish. He broke out the cleaver and started breaking the beef rib bones to allow the marrow to flavor the stock. I'm not sure what else he added, but the house smelled incredible for HOURS!

The following day, I returned from another photo session and Jason started cooking. He assembled the ingredients:

We couldn't find dried shitake mushrooms, so we grabbed portabellas instead and he was adding noodles as an extra

Then, Jason cooked the pork in a large pot and once it was mostly cooked, he added the kimchee and kimchee juice:

We also couldn't find dashi (a Japanese cooking stock), so Jason substituted some Miso soup base.

Once the mixture was good and steaming, he poured it over the assembled ingredients (bean sprouts, mushrooms, tofu):

That yielded a giant bowl of one HOT soup! In the Korean cookbook, it's actually called Kimchee and Pork casserole, or Kimchee Chighe. Whatever the name, Jason had basically revamped the entire recipe and made the most delicious lunch for us! 

And for all his efforts, he has now earned the Honorary Korean title:) My father would have been so impressed!


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