Our Morning Fun

Most mornings, we start off with a run and then play around the house before nap time. Last week, I took some pictures while Reagan played. We began by attempting to make necklaces with our dried, colored pasta. Unfortunately, the pasta pieces were too small for Reagan to actually thread onto the hemp, but she sure enjoyed trying:

Once she figured out that making necklaces wasn't really an option, she dumped the pasta and rice and just played. One of her favorite things is to have me fill the bowl and then dump it over her feet. I guess it feels good:)

And without fail, we absolutely MUST play in the "cave" at least three times a day. In fact, every time Reagan comes in contact with a blanket, she wants to play "cave." Here she is in our makeshift cave in the living room:

All in all, we usually have great morning full of playtime. The afternoons are always a little tougher as I attempt to make dinner and keep her happy through her fussy period (5-7). But I sure love how her imagination is developing before my eyes!!


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