Reagan Gets A Bike!!

As you saw in the previous post, Reagan got a glider bike from Grandma & Grandpa for her birthday. Here's the story behind the bike for a 2-year old:

Several months ago, I was running on base and I passed the tiniest little boy riding a 2-wheeler without training wheels. My interest was peaked, so I asked his grandma how old he was. She told me he was almost 3! I was absolutely astonished that such a young kid could be riding a bike already. She explained to me that in Germany, kids start with these glider bikes that don't have pedals. They have a place to rest your feet eventually, but the idea is that kids start out by just resting on the seat and using their feet on the ground to propel them forward. Once they get used to that feeling, they can prop their feet up and glide. Eventually, you just transition them to a bike with pedals and they already understand balance. Neat, huh?!

So back to Reagan and her new bike. The day after her real birthday, Grandpa (or Papa as Reagan calls him) and I took her out to test the bike. She was hesitant at first...

but really enjoyed it when she sat and Papa pushed her.

After a bit of assisted riding, we let Reagan attempt to walk it on her own. 

As the pictures display, she had quite a difficult time with it, but no tears were shed and she is still willing to try it out. I estimate that in 6 months or so, she'll get the hang of it. Hopefully we'll have a good place for her to ride once we move to VA. 


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