Someone's Turning 2!!

To our dearest Reagan - 

Happy 2nd Birthday! You have truly been the light of our lives for the last two years. Watching you grow into such a smart, fun, vibrant little girl has been a joy. 

During the last year, you've learned to run, jump, talk, use the potty, and so many other things. Your favorite color (and word) is blue. You love to eat noodles, hotdogs, fruit, avocados, cucumbers, and popsicles! In June, you started gymnastics class and you still like riding in the stroller while Mommy runs. 

You love your Frankenstein doll and sleep with him at nap time and every night. You have added a pillow, baby doll, and plastic phone to your nighttime collection. You have been using a beautiful handmade quilt (from your Aunt Amy) since you were born. You love to "cook" and do art projects, especially with paint. These are just a few of the things I want you to remember someday. 

As I looked back over your last two years in pictures, I selected a few of my favorites. Here they are:

You've always "cheesed" for the camera:) This last picture is your "outfit of choice" the week before your birthday:

And this is just one more reason I love you so much!

So many people say, "I can't believe how fast the time has passed! How can you possibly be 2 already?!" I don't quite feel that way yet. I have spent nearly every day of these last two years with you and we've made the most of our time together. We may get frustrated with one another, but at the end of the day, we're a family and you made us that. We love you so very much and can't wait to celebrate your birthday with family and friends.  

Love always,
Daddy & Mommy


  1. Love this! Have fun celebrating!

  2. What a beautiful post to a beautiful little girl! I can't wait to get back and see how much you've grown. I love you!

  3. Happy Birthday Reagan!!! Love you!


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