Another Great Weekend

The weekends are getting away from me as I play blogger catch-up, so I'll just say this was one Saturday in April.  Reagan tagged along with me to the Old Town Farmer's Market (another one of my favorite Saturday activities:) where we got some whole wheat bread, pastured eggs, and a few seasonal veggies. 

Reagan enjoyed a little freedom (usually I keep her in the stroller because it's always so packed, but that day wasn't so bad). She loved the fact that they finally filled up the fountain again! Once we were finished at the market, we returned to the house to find Gary Mike, Papa, and Daddy in the backyard. These two were looking at a map and trying to figure out where a camping spot from 50 years might be:) 

Reagan was testing out my new hammock! Grandma found this at Costco, sent me a picture and offered to pick one up for me. Only mistake I made was not asking her to get two. This thing is awesome and super easy to put up/take down. Plus, it doesn't swing, so Reagan can play in it all by herself!

Since Papa and GM were having some serious navigation issues, Reagan filled in to read the map...

Love that the weather is warming up so we can spend our weekends OUTSIDE!


  1. Love the hammock! Did they find the camping spot?


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