White House Easter Egg Roll - 2013

The day after Easter, Grandma, Papa, Daddy, Reagan and I headed into the city for the White House Easter Egg Roll (at my behest). This may go down in history as one of my worst ideas ever! The weather was brisk (to put it nicely) and windy, the lines were innumerable, and the Egg Roll left lots to be desired, but hey, we got the wooden egg at the end:) 

Ok, that's a lot of complaining out of the way. Here's the truth: it wasn't awful, but we will NEVER do it again. The event started with lots of circling blocks around the White House in search of parking, and was quickly followed by enough walking to fulfill a 3-day breast cancer walk. Papa and Jason were kind enough to park the car while we got a head start toward the entrance...

Once Papa and Jason met up with us, we got into the first line...

Daddy played with Reagan to keep her happy.

And I made friends with a squirrel:)

After we made it into the first corral, we got into another line. Then finally we made it into the White House grounds!!!

Reagan saw Sofia the First (pictured behind us)...

She was really excited to meet some of the Octonauts!!! 

I've somehow managed to forget a picture of Reagan participating in the actual Egg Roll, but oh well, such is life:) It will definitely be in the album! All in all, I'm glad we got this opportunity, but NEVER again...wait, did I already say that?! 


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