Birthday Week Comes to an End

In the Goodale Family, we celebrate BIRTHDAY WEEK! To culminate the great celebration, Jason and I headed down to Woodbridge for dinner and presents with Mil & Fil & Reagan. We truly enjoyed our weekend "off" from being parents, but we sure missed our girl! 

Cindi made some incredible appetizers: stuffed mushrooms, potato skins, and (my personal favorite with a twist) deviled eggs topped with bacon! As always, everything was delicious. 

We sat down to dinner: beef burgundy with rice and amazing cheese biscuits! It was exactly what I requested:) I definitely have the best Mil ever! 

Reagan helped Grandma get the cake ready. It was a cake I picked out months ago and absolutely couldn't wait to taste...S'MORES CAKE!! And Mil will definitely tell you it was a painful exercise, but I thought it was totally worth it! 

The main issue was stability (see above:). But the taste was everything I hoped and dreamed! And Reagan loved it too! After that amazing dinner and dessert,  Reagan helped me open presents...lots of them from in-laws who are always so generous!! I'm one lucky lady!


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