Operation: Keep Tommy Safe

Since moving into our Alexandria rental house, we have been very happy with it. We have great landlords, a good location, and plenty of space. The one thing that we were unhappy with were the stairs:

Without fail, Tommy managed to fall down the stairs (there are two separate flights) no less than once a day. While he never limped a way, it was only a matter of time before something bad actually happened, so Jason and Gary Mike headed to Home Depot to create a solution to the problem.

Reagan and I had been out running our own errand, and when we got back, this is what we saw:

Happy girl! (That's a pancake in her hand:)

After finishing the bottom flight, they turned to on the other set of stairs...awkward work, eh?!

And the end result? I think the stairs look so much better now. They picked a beautiful rug that won't show every single one of Tommy's hairs that fall out (which is a LOT), and they did a great job installing it. 

I'm not entirely sure what Reagan is doing in this, but it cracks me up! She may be chopping something with her sword!


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