Eastern Market & Maine Avenue - Saturday Life "Near" the City

One beautiful Saturday morning, Gary Mike swung by to pick us up, and we all drove into DC. We were hoping to see some cherry blossoms, but due to the chilly weather, they were a bit delayed. Oh well, we had fun at Eastern Market and the fish market on Maine Avenue anyway. 

Reagan was in quite a mood at the beginning (she had fallen earlier and scraped her finger...world ending catastrophe for a 2.5 year old!). 

We grabbed some coffee & tea at the shop across the street while waiting for Eastern Market to open up. Reagan got a bandaid from the barista, so she finally started feeling better. Once it was 9am, we wandered over to the flea market part and I got a new bag! Then we all walked through the market (inside and out) where I got a giant bag of peapods, some black peppered bacon and Jason got enough pork belly to feed a small country!

Just before we left, Reagan scored a hotdog!!!

After Eastern Market, we hit up Maine Avenue fish market - Gary Mike wanted shrimp and Jason & Reagan got crawfish!

Love that this is RIGHT on the water. Even though I can't eat shellfish and I'm not a huge seafood fan overall, I always enjoy a trip to Maine Avenue!


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