32 Is Off To An AMAZING Start!

First of all, I promise to eventually get back to the trip
postings, but this one NEEDS to be done immediately so I don't forget a single detail!

On Wednesday, I celebrated my 32nd birthday and boy did I celebrate in style thanks to my INCREDIBLE husband!! Reagan and I started the day by meeting up with friends for a short jog and then some playground fun. Then we headed to Old Navy in search of some summer attire for the Weasel. We popped over to Target to get a couple bins that I could store her fall/winter clothes in and then headed home. She was fast asleep and I put her straight into her crib around 11:45 (she had been asleep for 15 minutes at this point). Around 1:55, Jason surprised me by coming home early! He had a beautiful card and a gift in hand when he walked in the door. I told him that I wished he had called because I would have had him stop off for an onion. That's when my day got 1000xs better! He said, "Change of plans. You need to pack a bag for Reagan and be ready to go by 3:50. The only decision you need to make is whether or not you want to pick Reagan up tonight or tomorrow morning." Boy was I astounded!

I opened my gift immediately and found exactly what I had asked for: a Canon 50 mm - F/1.8 lens!!


I also opened my gifts from Geoffrey and MIL & FIL! I FINALLY got a pair of Tom's and they fit perfectly, and MIL & FIL sent me two golfing skirts, a box of pink golf balls, and a very nice card with some spending money!

It was about 2:15 by this point and the Weasel finally woke up...apparently her gift to me was a nice, ridiculously long nap! We all headed outside and I got to test my new lens:

Jason grabbed a short nap himself after getting up super early to get his work done before surprising me and Reagan and I played for a bit. Then we took quick showers and got ready to go. We headed to Maureen's house where we were going to drop off Reagan. That's when I got my next surprise. This was waiting for me in the front seat of Jason's car:

Three great magazines, including a gossip mag, and 4 scratcher tickets (none of which were winners:(). We dropped Reagan with her boyfriend and I got ANOTHER surprise:

Needless to say, I'm SUPER excited about this extra gift!! We drove down to Wilmington, parked and headed up to Front Street to drink a few beers and people watch while waiting for our dinner reservation.

There are some interesting people in Wilmington:)

At this point, we were browsing some local papers and noticed that it's Restaurant Week in Wilmington. I commented that I'd love to come back to Ruth's Chris if we had the time, and then moved on to other topics. Jason said, we needed to finish our drinks and get going because we had a reservation at Circa 1922...a great restaurant, but not my favorite. Instead, he grabbed my hand and we headed in the opposite direction. I was definitely confused. We meandered the streets of Wilmington and ended up at the door of the Hilton Hotel...home of Wilmington's Ruth's Chris!!!  

Quite possibly my favorite all time restaurant!

We walked in and were led to a table with a gorgeous view of the river. I was so excited about this surprise that I didn't notice the beautiful flower arrangement on the table:

Yup, my amazing husband had these delivered to the restaurant ahead of time!!

Our view from the table!

We had an amazing dinner, starting with cocktails, calamari with a delicious sauce, and seared ahi tuna. Then we had our main meals: Cesar salads for both, petit filet with a side of mushrooms for me, a blue cheese encrusted ribeye for Jason, and we shared broccoli gratin and  mashed potatoes. Everything was absolutely swimming in butter and tasted incredible:

My pomegranate fizz champagne cocktail

Cesar salad

My filet in a pool of sizzling butter

Jason's ribeye

My side of mushrooms

Broccoli Gratin smothered in cheese

Garlic mashed potatoes

We enjoyed as much as we could possibly eat and then packed up the rest to take home. Then we shared a lovely chocolate/espresso sin cake:

It was so delicious, I forgot to take a picture BEFORE we ate most of it:)

And finally, we drove back north and stopped by Maureen's to pick up our sleeping girl. It was the most amazing birthday ever, and it's still not over, because I get to go to the spa and have lunch with one of my dearest friends sans toddlers!!

Thank you Jason, for being the most wonderful husband a girl could dream of having! You truly made this birthday the most special one yet. And you also set the bar WAY TOO HIGH for your birthday coming this fall!!!


  1. Way to go Jason! You completely deserve it Jen and I hope you and Moe have a wonderful, relaxing girls day!


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