Fab Freebie!

If we watch TV in the morning, it's almost always Little Einsteins, or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (thanks to the Weasel). But, by chance, I was watching the Today Show last Friday and happened to hear about this great deal. You go to the IHOP website and sign up for their "e-club." You immediately get an email with a coupon for a free meal (Rooty Tooty breakfast = 2 eggs + 2 sausages + 2 pieces of bacon + 2 pancakes w/ topping)

It was the perfect amount of food to share with my favorite chow-hound:

And all for just a $3 tip:

Did I also mention that you get a coupon for yet another free meal on your birthday?! So now we get to go back to IHOP next week:) And to top things off, you get a third free meal on the anniversary of the date you signed up for the "e-club!" Seriously, you can't beat this deal! 

And for those who get way too much spam email already, this isn't one of those (at least I don't think it is!). It's been a week and the only emails I've received are my two free meal coupons and one offer to win free pancakes for a year. 

(one note: if you do sign up for this, you are only able to view the email with your free coupon once or twice before it makes it null, so make sure you plan to print it as soon as you view...i.e. don't view it from your smart phone!)


  1. Signed up! Thanks for the heads up. Hope you enjoy your free birthday one this week!


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